Bud Light Bar Style Bottle Opener

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Condition: Used
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Those looking to find a way to open a bottle of beer look no further. You’ve found the very best bar style opener around. It’s called a “bar style” because it’s flat and is like a bar. It’s not because all bar keeps use this kind of opener to open bottles with. In fact, the old style mounted-on-the-cabinet style bottle opener is probably easier for the bar tender to open bottles with anyway. But, if you’re at a table or a tail gate party or on a boat and for some reason you need to open your bottle of beer this bottle opener will do nicely. If you’re carrying it in your pocket it won’t punch holes in your jeans either. So if you’re up for whatever, this bottle opener is for you. It’s used, but hey – it’s sold stainless steel and what kind of wear and tear can you put on a bottle opener anyway? Please see all detailed pictures (there’s three of them) and see for yourself that this item has been used but can still open a bottle of beer so you won’t go thirsty. Not everything has to be new to be able to be used, like this one which is about 6 1/2 inches long. If you want it to mount on your wall that’s a cool idea too. Bottom’s UP! Please note all applicable state sales taxes will be added to your purchase. (It’s not a car so I don’t think that will affect the financing.) HSS#: 07120GWN2120Sds2022rcb

  • Brand: Bud Light