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Introducing the Original Shark Wine Glass™! – FREE SHIPPING – IN STOCK NOW – SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS Adventure awaits with every sip as what appears at first to be an ordinary wine glass becomes more dangerous as a fin suddenly appears…followed by a torso…and then the menacing jaw! Fortunately for the drinker, this shark is docile – although mighty thirsty! He prefers red seas of wine but enjoys blush and white seas as well. The sparkling handcrafted lead-free crystal Shark Wine Glass™ is built to withstand multiple attacks from the drinker. Handle with care, or you could be bit! Handcrafted lead-free crystal Shark Wine Glass™ is hand-wash only. Patent pending. Or you can buy it here at

  • Model: GHG-SHR-WN-CRY
  • Material: Crystal
  • Type: Wine Glass
  • Capacity: 650 mL
  • Glassware Type: Wine Glass
  • Brand: Handmade
  • UPC: 860002508108