Top 5 Philadelphia Beer Drinking Spots

Philadelphia was listed as the sixth-best beer town in the nation by CNN for its fine historical breweries, and craft-brewing traditions. Some of the finest brews in the nation come out of Philadelphia, and if you’re looking for a place to warm a stool for a chance to sample some of our craft and traditional brews, we have the top five bars you should check out on your next visit. For those looking to quench their thirst with a clean, crisp flavor, Philadelphia is the place to be. If you’re not sure what to try first, your best bet may be one of our five top picks:

1) The Irish Pol

This unassuming little place offers up an “everybody knows your name” feel, but the humble trappings hide an impressive selection of 40 plus beers on tap. The selection is exclusively provided by microbreweries and changes weekly. From Boulder Brew to A Honey of Saison Ale in an 11oz draft, to Wolaver’s Wildflower Wheat in a 16 oz mug, the menu gives a detailed background on all their offerings. Not sure what to sample first? Ask the bartender, who is well-versed in the attributes of the stock.

2) Monk’s CafĂ© Beer Emporium & Restaurant

Owned by Tom Peters and Fergus Carey, Monk’s is a charming Euro-style bar that offers double value with two connected rooms with plenty of cozy seating scattered throughout. Monk’s takes pride in educating their customers about quality and how to recognize each aspect of a really good beer, from aroma, to taste, to appearance. Visit Monk’s for a full flavored experience.

3) Fiume

Above the Ethiopian restaurant Abyssinia, Fiume’s has a slightly hipster feel, with its hand-lettered signs and smattering of small white lights incorporated into the decorating scheme. Friendly and welcoming with a cool, refreshing vibe, Fiume offers up 120+ bottled choices. Philadelphia suds aficionados of all descriptions are sure to find something to quench their thirst.

4) The Grey Lodge Pub

With a mosaic with several messages, including “A little bit of beer is divine medicine”, The Grey Lodge Pub offers up a rotating selection of microbrewery favorites. For those who want to eat as well as drink while making the rounds of local attractions, The Grey Lodge Pub is known for its food as well as its brew. Recognized by Esquire magazine for their bottle and tap selections and by Philadelphia Magazine for their superb French fries, you can quench your thirst as well as your appetite in this quaint, robust place.

5) The Nodding Head

For those who prefer to get their suds from the source, the Nodding Head is not only a bar, it’s a brewery as well, with operations turning out award-winning brews. The Nodding Head has won awards for its wood and barrel aged sour brew, specialty honey beer, and British-style dark ale grog, just to name a few. The on-tap brews depend on the season, but the owner’s bobble-head collection is on display for your enjoyment year-round.